Paulina has a mission to help
YOU achieve bigger goals. 

I believe that strong businesses make for a better and brighter future for us all. When I work with you, I’m serving you and your business to achieve your goals.
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Jeremy Jackson
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““Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised” 
- Denis Waitley

Great Reasons to Work with Paulina...
Gain a clearly defined plan on how to grow with achievable milestones that lead to successful outcomes
Develop a weekly rhythm with your team to maintain momentum towards your project and stay on track and task
Project Management
Over 17 years project management experience to help you build a defined project plan and to ensure the execution and management is optimised. 
Team Management
Provision of ongoing support and  communication to maintain a  high level performance, no matter how large or small your team is. 
System Support
With a vast knowledge of  management tools, you will get the right system and support to execute  your project plan. 
About Paulina Roach
I'm a passionate and self-motivated optimist with extensive experience in business strategy and development. With a passion to help others bring their ideas to enterprise and working across cultures and continents, I love to help businesses and teams succeed and flourish.

Inspired by contributing to the sustainable goal of Decent Work and Growth, I support my clients to have strong businesses. I've a firm belief that cash-flow is the lifeline of every business and having a clear, formulated quarterly project plan is the crucial element to maximise your cash-flow quickly and succinctly.

As certified Flow and Performance Consultant, I elevate your team performance and productivity using simple, proven and impactful tools. With the strategies to achieve maximum results for individual geniuses, I assist to develop the potential of every team member to create more flow for you and your business.

A grounded Trader profile, feel free to connect with me if you are aiming for business growth through the development and management of quarterly project {promotion} plans.

"She may be pocket sized but never let that fool you on the depth of dedication, competence and ability she has to get the job done. True to self and true to her word, Paulina is insightful, genuine and purposeful"

- Martiene van Steyn
Sometimes you need to step back to look in. Paulina gives you the support you need to take a break from the daily hustle of working in your business, and step back to get motivated and excited again. 

Paulina inspires entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners to fulfill their business goals by developing project plans and systems that give you results. 

With a focus on clear outcomes the steps to achieve them, Paulina has managed projects of up to $150k per quarter and knows how to leverage your time and team to give you more of what you want in your business.
Paulina’s natural talent utilises her grounded nature and sense of timing to know how to grow business by understanding what the need is and why it is needed. She’s authentic and perceptive with the ability to look at your business with a razor sharp eye and sees solutions that others would miss. 
When you work with Paulina, you can expect 
  •  Experience in management of projects in excess of $150,000 per promotion
  • The development of a clearly formulated project plan
  •  The accountability of realistic and measurable weekly milestones
  •  A rhythm of weekly accountability processes and adjustments to stay on track 
  • Project leadership and team engagement
  •  Creation of a project management dashboard with accurate reporting  
  •  Weekly meetings with yourself and your team 
  •  The development of your team to ensure optimised delivery to project scopes
Hear The Word On The Street...
Jade Green. Business Engineered AUS
Deanna Deacon. Coach USA
Due to the personal nature of our business, in order to build a project plan that delivers results, we only work with 5 clients each month. 

B1G1 Sustainable Development Goals
I am passionate about all 17 goals and believe that if we can make a difference in one, we will impact all of them. I help and inspire business owners and entrepreneur to achieve more with their business. 

Collectively we can grow the economy and provide better work environments which impact not only the people we work with, but their families and loved ones. Hence every time I work with you, you make an impact in the world and you contribute to Sustainable Development Goal No 8 - Economic Growth and Decent Work.
"While I have a corporate background, I love to assess businesses and brands based on how connected I feel to their message. If I like what you do, then my ability to support and share who you are and what you do is easy. Here is the biggest challenge we will face as it’s completely subjective.

To help me do this well, I focus on the consistency of the current experience of the your followers and customers, which is answered by one simple question.

“How do YOU consistently leave people feeling in your programs, communication and your work”?

And then the question is – does your marketing reflect you in the same light and if not, WHY?

When we share the essence of who you are, what you believe and how you serve, it builds likeablity and trust. This is the foundation of growing a business and a brand. Its not enough to tell people what you do, you need to tell them why you do it. This is to me the secret sauce to building your brand and marketing"

Martiene van Steyn
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